Cardiac Rehab

Trisha Sharps

Cardiac Rehabilitation Phase IV instructor

What is Phase IV

In the UK, cardiac rehabilitation is traditionally described in terms of phases of recovery;

Phase IV is the long term maintenance of physical activity and lifestyle change.

Why exercise?

  1. Inactivity is one of the major causes of coronary heart disease in Britain.
  2. Reduces high blood pressure.
  3. Reduces stress, anxiety and depression.
  4. Helps to prevent obesity and lose weight.
  5. Type 2 diabetes – helps to maintain normal blood glucose levels.
  6. Improves balance, muscle strength, strengthens bones and reduce risk of fractures.
  7. Helps to improve cholesterol levels.

“Anyone who has a heart condition is welcome to come along to the classes as long as they either have a Transfer form from Phase III or GP referral.  Partners are also welcome.”

Phase IV classes are typically group exercise sessions, which are designed to suit all cardiac patients at varying fitness levels.  Each person works at their own ability and is monitored by the instructor to ensure it is both safe and effective.  The classes are fun and very sociable.

There are over 20 classes running between Brighton and Littlehampton.

Please call me for more information.