Just Do It

Was wondering why I keep calling my puppy dog, Colin, by my son’s name. Getting old would be the best excuse, but after a lovely run in woods with Colin today, I now know why.

My dog is so much like my boy when he was young. They both have to find a big stick to play with; they both find the only muddy puddle and proceed to get as much of it on them as possible; they both choose the most precarious way to walk the path, whether it be on a fallen tree trunk, along a steep ridge or stepping stones across a stream. They both have a wonderful sense of adventure.

My son is now continuing his adventure in Canada.  If you feel like you want to find your inner puppy:  be it a midnight walk for charity, try Nordic Walking or just simply discover your own muddy puddles in the beautiful Sussex countryside, then JUST DO IT.

If I can help you find your adventure, call 07899 682650. www.active-4-like.co.uk

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