Great client story based on “The Metabolic Effect”

I first met Trisha about six years ago, when I started going on her walks for fitness. She was encouraging & positive and I continued walking when I could, fitting it around work and caring for my Mother. Earlier this year, Trisha sent me an advertisement about the Metabolic Effect, saying she had completed a course in this and would be offering it as part of her already successful PT business. At the time, I was very low and completely drained, having just lost my Mother, after a long battle with PSP. Although I was enjoying the uplift of re-joining Trisha’s lovely group of Nordic walkers, I really felt as if I had nothing else left to give. I was dreadfully overweight, felt about ninety, couldn’t bend down to get things from cupboards, couldn’t walk up hills without puffing (the group always waited patiently for me to catch up!), felt shattered after just getting dressed, I dreaded the pain in my knees as I walked down stairs………… a really bad way! I thought about the cost of more PT, having had to give up my business to care; everything seemed impossible. Then one evening, when drinking my third glass of wine, I woke up. HOW much was that bottle of wine? How much was the bottle I had consumed over the weekend? How much were those Chelsea buns? How much were those chocolate bars? A few sums later, I realised I could afford the fitness sessions that were being advertised, IF I gave up all the stuff that was making me feel so grotty! SO I DID!
After three sessions a week with Trisha, I felt like a completely new person! I had shed a whole stone in weight, toned up muscles I had forgotten I had & found some I hadn’t used before! I was tired and ached but a different tiredness & a different ache……….a sort of happy ache….my body saying ‘Ahh..That’s what I am supposed to do!’
Having had a life-time of fighting my weight, I was absolutely amazed at the results of JUST SIX weeks! The sessions had been hard….but somehow, when you know it’s only 20 minutes, you can make yourself keep going. When my determination wavered, I just closed my eyes and thought of my poor Mum struggling to walk with her cruel illness, at 88……….if she could find that inner strength, so could I!
Of course, I had to be honest…I had lost weight before…….and then put it back on………….more times than I can remember…………….so perhaps that is what I would do this time. However, Trisha’s genuine care, showing in her eager face, looking me in the eye and smiling me on…kept me going………she didn’t even doubt I could do things that I would have thought were impossible…she was right! The sessions have been the hardest I have ever undertaken but also the most fun and the most rewarding. Nothing is impossible!
When the six weeks ended, I felt very disappointed and asked if Trisha would continue for another 12 weeks………dropping to just two sessions and me doing one session at home. Of course, I secretly doubted that I would ever have the dedication or energy to do my own mid-week session but I did! I set the clock , put on some great music & followed very simple exercises that Trisha had taught me. The times flew by and I felt so good for doing it……good physically and good psychologically, for having the perseverance!
Naturally, I have eaten a far better diet……….lots of nuts, fruit & vegetables…but not once have I felt hungry! I have had meals for special occasions and eaten what I like…just returned to being sensible the day afterwards.
I am halfway through the second batch of session now and I am two stone lighter, far more energetic and enjoying simple things such as popping my shoes on quickly, running upstairs, joining my Nordic walking friends at the top, AT THE SAME TIME! I am not saying that I never feel lethargic…actually I am feeling a bit that way today…………….and my weight is sticking a little this week…but I feel confident that I can continue to get fitter and that I can maintain a much healthier pattern of eating. Weight is not that important – anyway, they say muscle is heavier than fat – it’s HOW I FEEL that matters & I FEEL GREAT!

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